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Music projects from Heinz "Jun" Oesch and Sascha "Sash" Boller

sash and jun continue working on melodic rock songs for the WinTheTour project and will perform live in Winterthur on 6th of September 2024 at the Bistro Dimensione.

NEW SONGS 2024: Tough Bond (another catchy rocker) and Lift me up (a catchy rocker). We will continue to compose later this year as we rehearse for our concert in September.

NEW VIDEOS in vohra section: live footages from the album release party in Illnau in 2000 and the Albani gig in Winterthur from 2004

We are working on new material !!!

Check our new songs on the WinTheTour site. We have released the two EP's "sash revisited" and "Ballads" which contain 5 respectively 4 new songs. Currently working on double LP "Melodic Rock".

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