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The Swiss based Heavy Rock Band illNow was founded in 2007 by Sash (Guitar and Vocals) and Jun (Bass). Soon after, Tom (Drums) joined the band to record two EP's and play various gigs in the area. The band has been put on hold in 2018.

Sash and Jun got to know each other during the Swiss Military service in 1989. A year later in 1990 they started the rock band Sash. Tom was the founder of the grunge band Quahadi, where Jun joined to record bass and play some gigs. Tom and Sash knew each other since childhood, so logically the trio had to form illNow after various other projects. illNow? Sash and Tom grew up and still live in Illnau {ill now}, a small town close to Zürich. The three musicians wanted to go back to the roots and form a Heavy Rock Band. They spent many hours in the basement composing new songs. The result was two EP's which have been recorded in Studio 16 in Winterthur by Cam Van As from Vancouver (Canada) and partially mixed and mastered in Germany. The goal was to play a handful of gigs every year which they succeeded well. Besides music, friendship was the main driver of the band to keep going until 2018 before taking a break. Who knows, there might be a comeback one day. 

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