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The Swiss Pop Band vohra was established in 1996 by Eve (Vocals and Keys), Sash (Guitar and Vocals) and Jun (Bass). The band recorded two long players and played various gigs in the area. The band stopped 2007 after Sash and Jun decided to take the Rock path again.

Eve, Jun and Sash started the pop oriented band in 1996. The first sessions were based on cover songs but they realized that composing new songs was easier. They met for an artistic meeting in Ticino during a whole weekend and played dozens of songs and ideas which became the yet unreleased "Ticino Tapes". It was the basis for their work on the upcoming long player "seven", guess what, containing seven songs. Two songs do have czech lyrics (eve's roots), the rest are english lyrics about life, love and family.

The band installed a home studio with a computer and cubase which allowed to record, mix and master the music for both long players. "seven" was released in 2000. Live appearances were seldom, but few of the gigs have been supported by Michi on drums, that had also supported the rock band sash on recordings.

The next project took much longer, in fact between 2001 and 2007. The long player "second" contains nine catchy, groovy, funky and melodic songs, this time with some guitar solos and lead vocals contribution from Sash. The record was released in 2007 and was the closure of a pop journey that was an impressive and unforgettable time for all participants.

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