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The Swiss based Rock Project WinTheTour started in 2019 by Sash (Guitar and Vocals) and Jun (Bass), after putting illNow on hold. Both started to revisit songs from the sash era and early illNow songs that had never been released before.

After 11 years of heavy rock music with illNow, Jun and Sash decided to take a break and revisit some of the former songs created during the Sash sessions as well as early (and less heavy) illNow songs. Also new songs have been created in 2019. The goal is to keep writing as long as creativity flows and supporting those songs with videos. Time will tell whether there will be a band formed around this project or just continuing being a recording project. Creative work is done in an inspirational area of the city of Winterthur {win the tour}, giving it the name for this project. Drums and additional keyboard stuff is supported by the computer, everything else is handmade by the two musical minds.

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