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The Swiss based Rock Bands sash was the first project by Sash (Guitar and Vocals) and Jun (Guitar and Bass) back in 1990 . They formed a duo and wrote dozens of songs which resulted in a demo EP and two long players on cassette including guest musicians.

Sash and Jun met each other at the Swiss Military Service in 1989 and realized soon, that they had the same musical background with 80's Hard and Heavy Rock music. At that time both were playing electric guitar and they decided to form a duo to record their own songs. The music was based on melodic hard rock, 4 songs made it on a demo cassette, recorded on a Fostex 4track device using a drum computer.

On their first long player cassette containing 11 songs, drummer Oli joined the duo for the recording sessions. On the catchy funk song "Traffic" Mike recorded a saxophone line. Guitar lines and solos were shared between Sash and Jun. All bass lines were recorded by Jun. Oli left right after and the search for a drummer and bass player went on without success. As they moved on, Jun decided to focus on Bass only. But before, they started new recording session resulting in 16 songs with the contribution of Michi on drums and again Mike to join on the funky sequel, a song called "Rush Hour".

The band has played around 3 shows in total. In 1996 that chapter was closed and a new project started with more pop oriented music with vohra. 

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